Exploring Marikina: Beeffalo

Exploring Marikina: Beeffalo

Another Marikina gem: Beeffalo is a cozy restaurant near our house in Marikina. We have only eaten here twice, the first time being Papa’s birthday. This post is a compilation of the food we have ordered both times.

Beeffalo is very welcoming because it looks like a house with a yard. There are also indoor and outdoor seats. They serve an assortment of steak, pasta, and rice meals. Let’s run through their food, starting with their appetizers.

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Exploring Marikina: Miguel and Maria

Exploring Marikina: Miguel and Maria

Note: Very late post

Marikina, especially Lilac Street is slowly becoming known as a haven for food enthusiasts. Miguel and Maria is one of the new gems of Lilac Street. From the outside it looks elegant and cozy with its minimalist facade.

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Summer escapade with the dogs! (Budget beach trip with style)

Summer escapade with the dogs! (Budget beach trip with style)

It’s the summer season already! Beach photos are once again flooding our timelines and news feeds. This is our first summer with our Snoopy, and like most dog owners, we wanted to take him to the beach.

However, we were on a tight budget so we had to look for a beach resort that would not be too expensive. We also wanted one that is not that far from Laguna. Thanks to Google and some friends, we found out about Katungkulan Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite, which is also known as Boracay de Cavite. Dave and Christine joined us with their dachshund Derp, who is also actually Snoopy’s best friend. Oh when those two are together, it’s chaos, and they never get tired of playing.

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Quality stuff for our Snoop

Quality stuff for our Snoop

I can’t really compare, but people say that having a dog is like having a baby. And when you have a baby, you obviously want the best for them. Same with us, we want only the best products and accessories to ensure that our Snoopdog (Snoopy or Snoop in short) is taken care of the best way we can.

I will be writing about the accessories we have handpicked for Snoop, which will hopefully help furparents and future furparents who are still looking. 🙂

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An open letter to the 20-something non-voter

I have nothing against you. In fact, I am even really close friends with some of you.

I love your political views, and your opinions on national issues. I follow a lot of you on social media and I have discussed with you from time to time. I am impressed with how you view things. I am amazed of how much you want our country to be free from the corruption and the traditional politicians. I think to myself, if only there were more people like you.

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The Sixth Year Significance

The Sixth Year Significance

Today, we are celebrating our 6th anniversary as a couple. So yay!

People ask us how we manage to stay together for the past years—without a single break up or even a cool off. Not that we don’t fight or disagree—we actually disagree a lot because we are very different and opinionated people. I think, in all honesty, it’s because we are both in it for the long run, and we accept and love each other for who we are.

I don’t believe articles with titles like “10 secrets to a lasting relationship” or “5 tips to keep him happy.” I honestly believe that it’s a case-to-case basis. Different people mean different relationships. What may work for us may not work for you. So that’s why I’m going to share six reasons why I think we have stayed strong and happy together. As I’ve mentioned, this is a case-to-case basis. This is our story, and you have your own.

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Unbelievable Case Verde

Unbelievable Case Verde

My dad had his heart set on eating at Casa Verde for Sunday lunch. Being the foodie that I am, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of Casa Verde. It turns out that the restaurant originated in Cebu, at the actual house of the owners. Later on, because of its success, they were able to set up a branch at Ayala Center Cebu. It has become a well-known restaurant, and the line just to get in is famously long.

After some time though, a branch in Manila finally opened! Naturally, all the people and friends of the people who have eaten at Casa Verde in Cebu, were very happy with this news. Case Verde is located at the UP Town Center, and I am not really sure when it opened exactly.

Anyway, so we arrived at the UP Town Center by 12:30 noon–peak time. We were listed as number 17. We assumed it would take at least 30 minutes to an hour before our turn so we walked around the mall first.

While we were going around, Papa decided to go back to Case Verde and just wait there. After a few minutes, we joined him. That’s when we found out that we were back at number 17! Why? Well apparently, they call the next three names every now and then, and if you’re not there, well, sorry, you have to get listed again. So we waited, and waited—and waited.
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Graduate School So Far

Go to grad school, they said. It would be fun, they said.


Well, guess what. I did start my graduate studies, and it is NOT fun. Nah, I’m totally overreacting.

I am currently taking up Master of Management in Business Management (MM BM) still in my beloved University of the Philippines Los Baños. Aside from this being a requirement for tenure, I also really really really want to start my own business in the future, and I want to have a strong background in that. Among other Masters Degrees in UPLB, the MM program requires applicants to take the MM Midyear Program to gauge if they are ready for the regular semester. If you pass the MM Midyear Program, you get accepted either as a regular graduate student or a probationary student. If you fail the midyear program, you can try again next year.

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Yey! Regina writes again!

When the blogosphere wasn’t that active yet, or when it was still fairly new, I would like to believe I was one of the first few who tried it out. I got addicted almost instantly.

I have always loved writing. I used to write fantasy stories, or even book series. I grew up believing I would become a world famous author someday. Of course I grew up and met people who really were good writers. I went to school, had my papers graded, and so I realized I wasn’t perfect. Also, I got distracted. I learned to do other stuff I really enjoyed doing. So I guess I lost focus.

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