7 problems communication majors have when it comes to math

Most communication majors have no patience for math–I certainly don’t. It was only in 5th grade when I really enjoyed math, and it was only because I understood it (thanks to the best math teacher ever). Anyway, now that I’m in grad school and I have subjects like accounting, financial management, and quantitative methods in business, my feud with math has started all over again. I rounded up this list that some of you may be able to relate to:

1. When you understand the word problems, but you don’t know how to compute for the answer.


giphy (1)
Or not.

“I know what is being asked for, but how do you compute for it?” Then you have classmates who are accounting majors–they KNOW all the formulas, but they don’t understand the context of the problem. Can we be groupmates please?

2. When all the letters get jumbled up in your head.

giphy (2)
It’s so hard to choose just one GIF.

It comes to a point when the letters don’t mean anything anymore! How can w stand for price of labor, and how can k stand for price of capital? It doesn’t make sense!

3. When you need every little step explained to you.

IMG_6119 copyIMG_6120 copyIMG_6121 copy

Am I the only one who writes notes indicating what each number means?

4. When the professor decides to give you a tricky problem, requiring you to play around with the formulas.

giphy (3)
So it becomes negative when you transfer it to the left side?

When I finally memorized a certain formula and how to solve for x, the exam suddenly asks me to solve for b, which is on the other side of the equation! I don’t know how to change the positions of each value (is this called transposition, if I can remember correctly?)! But I can solve for x though. Can we just solve for x please, and stop it with the trick questions!

5. Kicking ass in the essay parts but having all the values wrong.

giphy (4)
I don’t even care anymore!

Oh, crap. I can explain it well anyway, never mind that the values are all wrong. The important thing is the professor sees that I understand the problem, I just can’t compute for the value.

6. When the exam is in multiple choice format but you still need to compute.


—and you come up with an answer that is NOT in the choices. Do you always need to choose “none of the above” then? And then just pray that it is indeed, none of the above.

7. And finally—when you don’t even know what you don’t know.


Do you have any more problems when it comes to math? :))


*All GIFs from giphy
*featured photo from Pexels

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