Hong Kong: Ngong Ping Village and Mongkok

Our original plan for Day 2 was supposed to be Ngong Ping Village and the much talked about Nan Lian Gardens. Google Nan Lian Gardens and you will understand why it is popular. However, due to time constraints and aching feet, we decided to just go to Ngong Ping Village to have at least a cultural experience. Afterwards, we went to Mongkok to meet with Lolo’s business partners.

Oh, if you want to check out our itinerary for four days and four nights, here is our DIY itinerary.

Ngong Ping Village, Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha), and Ngong Ping Piazza
So Ngong Ping Village is this open-air village that is designed in the old and traditional way. I really thought it was a legit old village, but I later learned that it was created specifically for tourism. A lot of tourists go to visit the Big Buddha, so the Ngong Ping Village was designed to accommodate a large number of people. Because it was made for tourists, it has a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants.
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Hong Kong: Kowloon Park, The Peak, Causeway Bay

This is a more detailed post on our Day 1 in Hong Kong. For a more detailed itinerary for four days and four nights, check out our DIY itinerary. We went to Kowloon Park, Central Station, The Peak, and Causeway Bay.

It is just walking distance from Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui, where we stayed. Upon entering the Park, you will see a map so you can plan your route. Something amazing: Hong Kong is such a PWD-friendly city! The maps even have braille letters.
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Hong Kong DIY Itinerary: 4 Days and 4 Nights

It’s that time of the year again–for our annual family vacation. After much thought, we decided on Hong Kong, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

I was assigned to make the itinerary, which I was able to do with the help of Google. Thank you, technology! However, we weren’t able to do everything we wanted, but at the end of this article, I’m going to show you the itinerary I planned for 31 May to June 4. The itinerary is complete with costs, transportation instructions, and other activities.

Now, most itineraries you will find on the Internet will include day tours to either Macau or Shenzen, which we decided to forego. Of course, it really depends on your preference. For this trip, we decided we wanted to see more of Hong Kong. Here’s a quick summary video of our amazing trip!

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7 problems communication majors have when it comes to math

Most communication majors have no patience for math–I certainly don’t. It was only in 5th grade when I really enjoyed math, and it was only because I understood it (thanks to the best math teacher ever). Anyway, now that I’m in grad school and I have subjects like accounting, financial management, and quantitative methods in business, my feud with math has started all over again. I rounded up this list that some of you may be able to relate to:

1. When you understand the word problems, but you don’t know how to compute for the answer.


giphy (1)

Or not.

“I know what is being asked for, but how do you compute for it?” Then you have classmates who are accounting majors–they KNOW all the formulas, but they don’t understand the context of the problem. Can we be groupmates please?

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Infusion Gourmet Cafe & Deli: for the health conscious foodies

Infusion Gourmet Cafe & Deli is located at Dancel’s Dormitory, F.O. Santos Street, Umali Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna. It’s a small, intimate, and cozy restaurant that serves healthy and delicious food. The ambience of the place is really something–it will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while waiting for your order. It makes for a nice escape from the usual fast food restaurants.

Here are some of the dishes we have already tried. All are tasty, healthy, and just the right amount. Rice meals come with your choice of red rice or white rice.


Grilled turmeric chicken (PhP 130.00)

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The Secret to Getting a US Visa

My sister and I just got approved last Monday–and we received our visas Wednesday (just two days after the interview)!

I decided to share with you what we went through so that we could be of help because the journey wasn’t that smooth. To guide you in applying for a US visa, everything you need is in this link. I read that everyday to ensure that I didn’t make any mistake.

But I still made some bloopers. So don’t fret. It’s best to be ready, to double check everything. The lesson I learned is this: that no matter how ready I sometimes think I am, I still get hit in the face by something I never thought of.
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Holy Week 2017 & the Supremo 4K

Similar to last Holy Week, I spent this year again with Mark’s family in Bukidnon. Last year, we had a Bukidnon-Davao roadtrip then we stayed in Samal Island for three days. This year, we spent two and a half days in their farm in Lantapan, Bukidnon, then we went back to Cagayan de Oro for a staycation.

The trip was also a good opportunity to use my newly bought Supremo 4K action camera. I bought the Supremo 4K while I was renewing my Globe postpaid plan. I had been contemplating since last year about buying a GoPro but I was hesitant to spend a lot given that I don’t really spend a lot of time doing thrilling hobbies such as cliff diving, sky diving, etc. Basically, I just wanted to make videos again and not have to carry around a DSLR or a video camera. So I thought the Supremo 4K was a good deal at PhP 4,390 (which can be deferred up to 3 months).


GIF from Globe.com.ph

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Life outside a crate

As many of you know, I am a mom to a wonderful beagle named Snoopy, who is now 1 1/2 year old. Life with Snoopy didn’t start out easy–potty training, chewing stuff up, and the infamous beagle bolts and the energy! But now, we have reached harmony. We have a routine we have been following since the day he arrived and dogs, as you know, live for routine.



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Compilation #foodporn post: Burgers

Sometimes when I eat out, I’m not able to take a photo of each item we order. Other times, I’m alone. As a result, I tend to have only a few photos of each resto. Browsing through my album, I notice a common food item that has remained timeless over the years. Friends, let’s all welcome one of the best food creations ever–the Burger.

Here are some of the amazing burgers I’ve had during the past year.

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